Paddle Tennis on a Pickleball court,what you need.

These are perfect examples of thinner graphite paddle required in playing Paddle Tennis on a Pickleball court. All these paddles are no thicker than 16mm and are a bit stiffer,and have lots of Gritty surface for control and spin.These are available at

//IF YOU LIKE PADDLE TENNIS or POP Tennis, You Can now play Paddle Tennis on a Pickleball court.

We are only seeing New Pickleball Courrts being built,unfortunately we are not seeing new Paddle Tennis courts,but what we are seeing is many many players of Paddle Tennis simply playing Paddle Tennis on the slightly smaller court of Pickleball.

It’s very easy to do same rules and scoring only the Kitchen line in Pickleball is now the restraint line for Paddle Tennis.

It is also to make the adjustments of using only the thinner width paddles and not the thicker noisy Pop Tennis paddles, the thicker paddle created way to much power to keep the ball from going outside of the smaller side alleys that Pickleball courts have,so we must adhere to the less powerful paddles that are no thicker than 16mm-these thinner paddles are less noisy also…These thinner paddles are considered the old style conventional graphite paddles that were originally used in Paddle Tennis..These thinner stiffer paddles do offer more control and spin and make for a great game.I will post a photo of some of these thinner graphite paddles here .

Another important thing to remember is to use the deflated orange dot tennis ball , this is a slighly slower ball and helps keeping the Paddle Tennis ball in play on the slightly smaller Pickleball court.These orange dot tennis balls are readily available at sporting goods store or tennis shops and cost same as regular tennis balls.


The noise factor of playing Paddle Tennis on a Pickleball court is,,Its lots less noisy than Pickleball so many facilities like the Paddle Tennis decibels. And many times were a club or facility limits hours for Pickleball because of noise they allow Paddle Tennis¬† , it’s no more noisy than regular Tennis.

So there you have it the way forward for Paddle Tennis to GROW with all the growth of Pickleball the silver lining is Paddle Tennis has a resurgence opportunity.

And I must encourage hard core Pickleball players to Try Playing Paddle Tennis on your Pickleball court,its a nice change and you can learn some new shots ,as I have definatly learned alot since learning to play Pickleball.

Paddle Tennis on Picklball courts.
We have the paddles to use.XTP sports.

Ttuly. John of XTP sports.