With all the growth we are seeing in Pickleball and with the already 15,000 pickleball courts nationwide.. You Can Now Play Paddle Tennis or

Spec Tennis ,its a paddle sport very similar to both Paddle Tennis and Pop Tennis played on a Pickleball court.

not all Tennis Players wanted to play Pickleball, for whatever reason and so developing PADDLE TENNIS AND Spec Tennis as an alternative paddle sport. Spec Tennis is a bit Faster Paced than Pickleball because of the Orange Dot Tennis Ball, used and the very gritty textured Platform Tennis paddles currently being used.
We here at Paddles4less are now developing a Paddle Tennis and Spec Tennis Paddle that will give players of Paddle Tennis and Spec Tennis the full advantage of their own Specific Gear…

I myself do enjoy both sports of Paddle Tennis and Pickleball but do think PADDLE TENNIS ON A PICKLEBALL COURT IS A WIN WIN. is another great option for time spent on the courts.

Our current XTP Brand of Paddles for Paddle/Pop Tennis and Pickleball is always improving, and check out our  XTACKY and XVIBE Racquetball grips and string vibration dampeners.

And now the  Patented XTP =Xtended Tennis Product butt cap is being been being distributed Worldwide with great success allowing players to easily customize their tennis Racquets and Xpand Their Game..”Photo of XTP Illustration” go to www.Xtptennisbuttcap.com for more info.


Spec or Paddle Tennis uses the Orange Dot ball.